January 2022

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ORACAL® Consolidated Color Chart

ORAJET® Inkjet Media Selection Guide

ORATAPE® HT55 Product Flyer

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Cold Temp Installs

ORAFOL has specially formulated materials for your cold temperature graphic installations.

Check out our latest video where we discuss our Cold Temperature ORAJET® digital printing films - ORAJET® 3161DT - Economical and ORAJET® 3551DT - High-Performance

DT = Deep Temperature

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Tackling Recessed Areas

We’re often asked by installers the best way to tackle recessed areas on Cargo Vans.

Watch Justin from The Wrap Institute as he walks you through best practices to successfully install ORACAL® 970RA Gloss Black Metallic!

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Meet Keith Monahan

Owner, TechnoWraps
Orlando, FL

Keith Monahan, owner of TechnoWraps near Orlando, FL, started in the graphics business in 1989. His journey began that summer, hand painting a 4’ x 16’ sign for a ceiling fan store. Keith recalls, “I remember being on a ladder for two days in the hot Florida sun. I got an awful sunburn. Rookie mistake, but it made it memorable.” Keith became a partner of a sign franchise in the 90s, moving out on his own in the year of Y2K - and TechnoWraps was born.

Striving to set himself apart in an extremely competitive market, Keith knows better than anyone that differentiation is key - “There’s a misconception from the general public that we’re all the same. You’ve got to give them good reasons to choose you over the guy down the street.” Keith and his team at TechnoWraps strive to provide genuine customer service, clean tasteful designs, top tier cast vinyls, and quality installations. Keith also recognizes the value of certifications - “One way to tout your installation quality is to earn certifications. I’m proud of my ORAFOL and KPMF certifications. It validates that our quality is world class.”

With over 30 years of vinyl graphic experience, Keith has seen it all - using almost every brand out there as vinyl technology continuously changes. When asked what specifically drew him to offer the ORAJET suite of wrap films to his clients Keith said, “The ORAJET suite offers the best mix of longevity, aesthetics, printability, and ease of installation. ORAJET ProSlide films have low-initial-tack and excellent slideability, which is a huge plus! I love the resistance to adhesive lines and the 360 degree air egress. If you’ve been in the wrap business for some time, you know many other brands lack this.” Keith also uses ORAFOL’s matching over-laminates such as ORAGUARD 290, which he refers to as his “every day laminate for wraps and vehicle graphics.” Being located in Florida longevity is a must. “If my client requires their wrap to last as long as possible, I suggest the polyurethane based pairing of ORAJET 3981PS and ORAGUARD 289F. It’s an upsell, but I know I’m providing the longest lasting combination available anywhere. It won’t yellow or crack - even on horizontal panels.”

Throughout his career, Keith has made a name for himself in the law-enforcement community as the “go-to” designer for fully customized liveries. Seeing the opportunity to provide a unique and tasteful design, Keith focuses on the important details. “The average police vehicle design is just that - average. If you can provide a unique, professional, and tasteful design, you’ll have a customer for life. I like to suggest a wider palette of materials that aren’t traditionally used on police vehicle. This includes print vinyl, reflective vinyl, color change film, paint protection film, and specialty laminates like KPMF Pearlescent and Starlight."

When asked about the most interesting project he’s ever worked on Keith replied, “I’m so thankful that this business allows me to work on some really fun and interesting projects. I’ve done work for A list actors, race car drivers, athletes, music moguls, Saudi Princes, a Beatle’s sister and even the actor that played Darth Vader.”

Currently Keith is working on one of the most interesting projects he’s ever done - “I’m wrapping in a rocket factory in Cape Canaveral for a space company that you’ve heard of. The biggest challenge is the scale of the vehicle. It’s massive. Measurements and math must be perfectly accurate, and the logistics of moving around such a vehicle is tricky. There’s no room for error. It’s a challenge and I love every minute!”

Keith has some great stories. The next time you see him at a trade show buy him a drink and he’ll tell you about the time he had dinner with the cast of Star Wars. All due to his creative vinyl graphics that exceeded expectations.

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ORACAL® 651™ is the leading intermediate calendered plotter film in the industry! With effortless plotting and weeding properties and a broad color range, the application possibilities are endless.

ORACAL 651 Custom Creations

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ORATAPE® MT80P is designed to perform with all ORACAL® gloss finish plotter films. The translucent release liner contains a printed grid pattern that allows for precise trimming, and less application tape waste. Ultra-clear opacity allows for confident alignment when working with multi-color projects. Easily transfer graphics of all types - from large, bold graphics to small, intricate graphics. The perfect solution for cut graphics that are for sale and displayed in a retail environment!

Coming Soon! New ORACAL 851 Glitter Metallic Colors

Drum roll please...Introducing four new ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic colors.

981 Dynamic Blue Sparkle


982 Envy Green Sparkle


983 Daffodil Yellow Sparkle


984 Explosive Red Sparkle


ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic vinyl is developed for specialty applications where a unique, heavier metallic appearance is desired. Not only designed for custom signage and graphic applications to architectural windows, vehicles, boats, & RV’s – you can also create one of a kind decorative craft, monogram, and home decor applications.

Currently available in 12 mesmerizing, high gloss, glitter metallic colors, including 986, Crystal Clear Sparkle that can be laminated to the surface of any standard ORACAL® plotter film to create a vibrant, custom Sparkling Glitter Metallic color.

Stay tuned for more ORACAL® 851 colors launching throughout the year! Contact your ORAFOL Regional Sales Manager for a sample today!

Tell Me Something Good

"ORACAL® 851 weeds so effortlessly, which is what I love about ORACAL® materials!"

Strong Mom Designs, LLC
Greenwood, Indiana

"I find ORACAL® 851 to be very forgiving during application - even when applied to glass block."

Hidden Ridge Designs
Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Coming Soon! New ORACAL 970RA Special Effect Colors

Introducing two new ORACAL® 970RA Special Effect colors! 

123 Lightning Strike


851 Thunderous Blue Green


ORACAL® 970RA offers some of the best finishes in the vehicle wrap industry! The Special Effect series is a multi-layered, high performance film engineered with cutting edge technology that produces mesmerizing color effects - from rainbow and sunset to deep pearlescent candy colors.

ORAFOL's RapidAir® Technology is a specially formulated air-egress pattern built in to the release liner. This advanced air-release technology facilitates a quicker, easier bubble free application.

Stay tuned for more ORACAL® 970RA colors launching throughout the year! Contact your ORAFOL Regional Sales Manager to find out more.

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