May 2022

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ISA 2022

The ISA International Sign Expo in Atlanta was a huge success! It was great to be back on the tradeshow floor. We would like to give a special thanks to our installers, Keith Monahan of TechnoWraps and Krystal Miszewski of Candy Wraps Orlando. The vehicle designs were the talk of the show! A huge shout out to Glarb Wrapped for an amazing wood grain design. People couldn't believe their eyes! 

Color Change Challenge

The Color Change Challenge was a blast! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Check out the winners below!

Printed on ORAJET® 3951RA + ProSlide™
Laminated with ORAGUARD® 290M Matte
Designed by Ryan Sandoval, Glarb Wrapped

Printed on ORAJET® 3951RA + ProSlide™
Laminated with KPMF Pacific Blue Starlight Iridescent
Designed by Keith Monahan, TechnoWraps

Speed + Accuracy + Durability

ORAJET® ProSlide™ wrap films deliver all of this and more! Developed with ORAFOL’s RapidAir® Technology, this film has a specially formulated air-egress pattern built into the release liner. This advanced air-release technology facilitates a quicker, easier bubble free application. ProSlide™ enables the installer to easily position the wrap film into place due to its optimized repositionability. Installers will realize significant time savings when installing with ProSlide™ adhesive technology. Hear from real installers below as they share how ORAJET® ProSlide™ has delivered for them and their companies!

/// GOOD
ORAJET 3751RA + ProSlide

ORAJET 3951RA + ProSlide

/// BEST
ORAJET 3981RA + ProSlide

Tell Me Something Good

The ability to expose all of the adhesive, move and adjust large sheets in almost any weather condition is huge for us! My installers already trust ORAFOL’s durability, overall quality and consistency. The addition of ProSlide™ gave them zero hesitation and they know they will achieve a successful outcome.” 

Joseph Price, Owner
Artworks Commercial Graphics - Irving, TX


Time savings against legacy ORAJET wrap films!


Approximate labor savings for a 250 sq. ft. cargo van wrap!

Install with Ease at Your Fingertips!

ORAFOL WrapGlove

The ORAFOL® WrapGlove® is an industry standard purpose built tool by installers for installers. The ORAFOL® WrapGlove® is specifically designed for processing and handling of ORACAL® 970RA, and digitally printed ORAJET® and ORAGUARD® laminated graphics. With WrapGlove®, the hand has become more of a tool than just a squeegee holder. It has become a controlled, conformable squeegee.

ORAFOL WrapGlove GHOST™ + SqueegeeGlove™ GHOST™

The ORAFOL® WrapGlove® GHOST™ and SqueegeeGlove™ GHOST™ are the perfect purpose built tools, specially designed for ORAGUARD® Stone Guard Paint Protection Films (PPF), ORACAL® 970RA, and digitally printed ORAJET® and ORAGUARD® laminated graphics. GHOST™ technology dramatically reduces surface energy, creating an effortless glide when in contact with an object or film – speeding up the installation process while maintaining the integrity of the film surface.

Coming Soon, July 2022!
New ORACAL 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic Colors

Introducing two NEW ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic colors! ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic vinyl is developed for specialty applications where a unique, heavier metallic appearance is desired. Designed for custom signage and graphic applications as well as architectural windows, vehicle, boats, RV’s, etc. You can also create one of a kind decorative craft, monogram, and home decor applications.


Sinister Orange Sparkle

ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic  


Electric Orange Sparkle

ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic

Currently available in 16 mesmerizing, high gloss, glitter metallic colors, including 986 Crystal Clear Sparkle that can be laminated to the surface of any standard ORACAL® plotter film to create a vibrant, custom Sparkling Glitter Metallic color.

Contact your ORAFOL Regional Sales Manager for a sample today! 

Tell Me Something Good

The new ORACAL® 851 allows us to add a unique frosted metallic – special effect to our custom restyling applications. The film has a high-end gloss finish that we’ve come to expect from ORAFOL! We fully expect to implement the new ORACAL® 851 colors into many of our architectural and signage applications with our High School and University clients.

Dan Bulat, Owner
Element Graphics - Mokena, IL

ORACAL 851 Rally Stripe Kit
Episode 3

Application by:
Dan Bulat
Element Graphics
Mokena, IL

Watch Dan install a rally stripe kit using ORACAL® 851 Sparkling Glitter Metallic in the first episode of this NEW three-episode series.

In this series, we will discuss the many ways to approach an application like this.

Episode 1: Wet application method with application tape

Episode 2: Dry application hinge method

Episode 3: Wet application method without application tape

This VS That
Episode 3, Fleet Engineer Grade Reflective
VS Flexible Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

Watch the Third Episode of our new This VS That series – ORAFOL Product Selection Made easy. In this episode, we will compare ORALITE® 5600 Fleet Engineer Grade Reflective VS ORALITE® V98 Flexible Prismatic Reflective Sheeting. It’s important that you are selecting the correct product for the application, to avoid potential issues like incompatibility, surface damage, premature failure, etc.

Pre-Striped Chevron

ORALITE® V98 Pre-Striped Chevron is a Prismatic Reflective Sheeting film – ideal for utility vehicles that require increased visibility such as telecom, DOT, fire, EMS and police vehicles. The prismatic construction is engineered for a user-friendly installation, conforming to vehicle contours and curves. The high-performance vinyl film does not require edge sealing and withstands maintenance such as power washing while resisting edge lift.


Fluorescent Yellow Green with Left Hand Red Stripe

ORALITE® V98 Pre-Striped Chevron


Fluorescent Yellow Green with Right Hand Red Stripe

ORALITE® V98 Pre-Striped Chevron

The Pre-Striped Chevron pattern is available in alternating Fluorescent Yellow Green and Red, left or right, at 45-degree angled stripes. ORALITE® V98 Pre-Striped Chevron is engineered to increase durability while maintaining reflectivity after impact. Featuring a versatile adhesive that provides the installer freedom to accurately position the material into place, along with easy long-term clean removability! Installations and removals take minutes with ORALITE V98, and not hours like other competitive prismatic chevron striping materials on the market – saving installers precious time!
Contact your ORAFOL Regional Sales Manager for a sample today! 

Tell Me Something Good

We are specifying ORALITE® V98 on all of our future ambulances, fire trucks, and battalion units. Due to its incredible brightness – our people and vehicles remain highly visible when dispatched to a motor vehicle accident – especially in adverse or overcast conditions. ORALITE® V98 chevron striping is a safety feature we cannot do without!”

Eric Funkhouser
Bargersville Fire Department, Indiana

FDIC 2022

ORAFOL was looking bright at the FDIC International Tradeshow in Indianapolis! It was wonderful to see everyone and discuss the latest innovations in ORAFOL’s reflective technology - Engineered to Save Lives™. Enjoy a few highlights from the show below.

ORAFOL Product Selection Tools

Download exclusive ORAFOL content by clicking the images below to download digital files of ORAFOL’s literature pieces – such as; the brand new ORACAL® Color Guide, the ORALITE® V98 Color Card, the ORAFOL® Wrapping Films Product Summary Sheet, and the ORAFOL® WrapGlove® Flyer. 

Want the real thing? Contact your ORAFOL Regional Sales Manager for a sample today!

ORACAL® Color Guide

ORALITE® V98 Color Card

ORAFOL® Wrapping Films Product Summary Sheet

ORAFOL® WrapGlove® Flyer

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